Social Media Content package

From: £150.00


Do you struggle with having good social media content too post?

Are you regularly trying to find a new image to post or have to grab a partner or a friend to take a photo for you?

I realised this is a huge struggle for some people. Having good lighting, sharp images that can be posted without needing hours of editing would benefit so many people.

After much thought, this is what I came up with…

How about a photo/video shoot where I take a deliver a set amount of content for you to use across all of your social media?

We would shoot over 4 hours to create you up to 3 months worth of content.

You can wear what you like, bring as many products or sponsored products as you like and we will get you the best shots to help you grow and maximise your content.

Deposit price: £150

Total Package cost:£450

That’s just £150 a month to make content high-end content to advertise your services and get you more clients!!!

We are all busy people, why not let me take the stress away…

On average, I take between 300-900 photo on a shoot, so there is always plenty of choices when it comes to selection, using this method, you can pick the exact photo you want to use, download it and its ready to use. SIMPLE AS THAT.

Now you may want to make your own little style to the edit, NOT A PROBLEM, do what you want with it.

Included in this will be 30 DOWNLOADABLE images to use of your choice and a pool of raw video content of your training for regular workout post, pairing that with any graphic/info posts you creat you can get full 3 month’s worth of content to post and share.


See an example of the use of my raw videos to make workout videos: (click below)

Anna Moon (amoon_fit_) Video Content 

Here are some of the smaller details that I would need to make you aware of…

  1. You will only ever receive low res up to 1.5mb images from me, this does not give you access to the raw images.
  2. None of the images will be edited, they will be shot in a way that with a few simple tweaks can make the image stand out.  Those tweaks will be made to make sure the photos are ready to post.
  3. The package price is £450 for 30 downloadable photos and videos (videos will be sent via WeTransfer so you have them to use when you’re ready).
  4. If you wanted the images edited, I can offer a separate rate for retouching. (Set at £150 to cover my time)
  5. This can be advanced into a monthly and bi-monthly option so you can get more content out on every platform…


Pay in full for your days worth of content creation.