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Who is Ben Mark?

I capture progress...

Going back, I had no real reason to get into photography, I never saw myself as creative or artistic.

I used to ride BMX and MTB at an OK level, when we used to ride our bikes, my friends and I always wanted photos of what jumps we had jumped and the tricks we had done.

I soon found that because I understood how to capture the right angle to show off the trick at its best, my photos were good and timed well compared to most others.

I backed away from riding bikes due to the fact I travelled a lot with my work and was no longer able to maintain a solid level of riding confidence.

This lead to me gaining a lot of weight.

I through a friend got introduced to a PT, (my good friend Adam who runs OTE) he transformed my body and my confidence. It was eye opening.

I soon realised I would love to help people capture their transformations.

It took months of practise and learning more about posing and body types.

But, here I am today, travelling the world and capturing many peoples journeys through fitness and body building.

I’m so incredibly grateful for the opportunity I have made, it’s allowed me to finally be fully me.


I love it.

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