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Client Transformations:

We capture transformations: It’s super simple, you want a goal to achieve, a weight target or a physical look.

A photoshoot allows you to capture that and also document it for your future.

I have asked every coach I work with to send me over all the transformations I have shot for their clients and a short story about what they have achieved.

Looking for a coach, find one that works for you and also have the type of client that you feel you associate with the most.

Jade Montebello-Mark


She smashed the granny out of it bruv. Chucked the baby out, lost the weight, now looks banging!!!



A bit of background about Ffion, her journey & her transformation.

“I feel like I am cheating on my wife with my girlfriend.”

The words spoken by Ffion’s husband.

36kg down(5 and a half stone) in 12 months.

12 months of commitment, dedication & drive will give you some pretty jaw dropping results.

I have seen this transformation so many times (as I am sure you have too), but every time I look at it, I am so proud. I don’t recognise the girl on the left.

This time last year Ffion was frantically messaging me about how the gym she had joined had closed due to the lockdown and she needed help.

I was running a 30 day challenge at the time so she jumped onto that. Although she came across fairly confident, it wasn’t real. She wasn’t her true self. It was having an impact on her self beliefs which in turn, had an impact on her family.

She dreaded taking her little boy swimming, she hated going to any kids clubs in the fear that they would ask the mums to join in, she couldn’t keep up with her son, she hid at the back in photos & she had just become a shell of herself.

We dug deep into why Ffion wanted to make a change. It was important she really understood this & gave it some serious thought.

Once she figured this out, there really was no stopping her.

Everything I advise Ffion to do, she does it.

She implements everything immediately. She doesn’t waste time.

Every spare moment of her day is filled with something that is going to benefit her health & happiness.

The biggest shift for Ffion was realising she could still enjoy her social events as long as she was willing to prepare for them.

These results have been achieved whilst still enjoying the odd takeaway, having a drink with friends, partying on special occasions, eating out at restaurants. But I must add, she has worked really hard for those events.

Don’t limit your beliefs. Don’t ever think your dream is too big.

Every great achievement was once considered impossible.



Tara French


She smashed the granny out of it bruv. Chucked the baby out, lost the weight, now looks banging!!!

Grace Morris

“Feeling comfortable in my own skin is something I have struggled with most of my adult life”
Grace felt this for a long time! But now this is a distant memory🙌🏻 This makes me so emotional and happy that I was able to coach and help Grace feel comfortable in her own skin! Just look at her glow

Not an easy process but she never gave up!She jumped over all the hurdles, had some shocking events thrown at her but she got there! HOW? Simple she strived for progress, she wanted to get stronger, wanted more knowledge around nutrition and just wanted to be fitter! The results are just the bi product of all that! Don’t get me wrong initially it was very much driven by what was on the scales, but we got there in the end. She realised how much better she felt in herself and that was enough to show just how much progress she has made.
In Graces own words here is how she feels...
“I booked this shoot as a challenge to myself, (with a bit of persuasion from Anna 😂)
I’d started to lose a bit of motivation so we thought it would be a good to have something to work towards. I was nervous to be standing in front of a camera as I’ve not always been the most confident person, always trying to shy away and hide myself. This was not the case at all, @benmarkphoto made me feel so relaxed and comfortable and I couldn’t believe it was me in the pictures. I’ve come out of this experience not only feeling more confident but enjoying my body and the journey that we have been on! I could never have done it without Anna. Her support and encouragement has been more than I could have ever asked for and I hope I’ve made her proud”

Sammy Bellis

She has finally stopped picking herself apart!
Yes, it’s obvious to see that Sammy has lost weight. But what you can’t see is how much she has grown as a person. Her confidence has skyrocketed, she knows who she is, what she has to offer and most importantly does not dread her reflection in the mirror!
Sammy did her first ever confidence shoot back in June, and it was clear to me she was not done and wanted to continue working on herself. This is exactly what we did! We set a plan and she followed it to a T with more focus than ever before.
Over 11kg gone, newfound love for herself and now eager to continue with the next step of this process.
It’s time to reverse her out and build up her calories, she is keen to build some muscle and work on her body composition. This next step is scary for her as some fat gain might happen, but she believes in the process and will jump over any obstacles to get there.

Gosha Stefaniuk

Busy mum of 2 and running a business!
Gosha was worried about having time for training, worried about sticking to a plan when there is plenty of snacks in the house for the kids, worried she is being selfish, worried about being judged by other mums! Well glad to say that’s all in the past now! Gosha realised she can still be mum and look after herself 💪
After her second baby Gosha had a tough time accepting herself and her body. She spent majority of her life being naturally slim and thought that she will not be able to get back to a place where she felt amazing! I MEAN LOOK AT HER! LET ME TELL YOU SHE FEELS AND LOOKS AMAZING!
What I loved about her journey with me is that she really did enjoy the process, she knew this was a long-term change and was willing to work on this daily! We are 18 months in, and she has not restricted once, kept her food flexible, ate out, plenty of social events and holidays yet her progress kept on coming! HOW? Simple. She was consistent! She didn’t try and be perfect each week, but she kept going!
Full time job, 2 children and a hectic schedule she keeps smashing it! Not finding excuses, moaning, or giving up! Habits have been built, discipline is in place and Gosha is now set up to enjoy this lifestyle as its just part of her routine now

Kayleigh March

Kayleigh wanted to make a change, but was worried she wouldn’t be able to stick to a plan for a longer period of time! She decided having something to work towards will help her so a shoot was booked and the prep started!
12 weeks later she is 2stone down, full of confidence and even more determined than ever!





Debbie Hewlitt


“Do you think I’ll be ready to do the photoshoot?”
Stepping in front of the camera is not just about physical achievements but also mental.
Photoshoots are a celebration of your hard work and a showcase of your results.
Also, it’s not just about physical achievements but also mental.
Client Debbie reached out to me over 6 months ago at her lowest.
She had hit rock bottom!
When we first spoke, I asked her what her goals were and what she wanted to achieve.
For her, it wasn’t about losing weight but learning to love herself again and rebuilding all her
Debbie has been through a lot and I mean a lot - not only physically but also mentally.
She’s one of the strongest women I know and I still don’t think she realises it yet.
She has come on leaps and bounds since day 1 of being on my programme and I am so proud of what she’s achieved.
She’s a totally new person – smiling again, happy, confident, glowing & looking hot!
When we first started talking about a photoshoot and how she was feeling mentally, she was in two minds whether it was too soon but she took the plunge and signed up.
For her the main priority was feeling regaining her confidence and learning to love herself again.
After nailing the shoot, she said to me “It was one of the most thrilling & exciting experiences I’ve
ever done and was the best day ever.”
She can’t wait to do it all over again in April 2022.
She is also part of an amazing community of ladies who support each other through good & bad
They work as a team, which is so important.
They’re not in competition which each other.
They congratulate and praise each other on the wins.
They push each other on the challenges I set them and just love being part of a community.
So, if you think you are NOT ready for anything like this just yet.
Have a re-think and set yourself a personal challenge.
Like Debbie said “GO FOR IT! – it’s the best feeling ever and you’ll be buzzing once you see the shots and you won’t regret it”
Self-belief is everything!

Toni Crinall


“I’ve suffered with my weight for so many years”
Client Toni reached out to me 11 months ago with a goal to lose weight, tone up & feel confident in her own skin.
She was a member of Slimming World but was never able to keep the weight off in the long term.
She’s always enjoyed exercise but was more focused on cardio rather than weight training.
When I first started working with Toni and after reviewing her struggles, it was clear, the problem was her diet.
Her nutrition was not where it should have been and though quite healthy, she was eating in a calorie surplus.
Healthy foods can still be high in calories!
She’s a teacher so spends a lot of her time driving long distance to work & sitting down at a desk most the day.
To help transform her body, I set her a daily calorie target which she adhered to - dropping excess body fat while still having the foods she enjoyed without being deprived of a treat now & then.
By doing this, it helped Toni enjoy all of her food and still remain within her weekly calorie target.
We put a training plan in place of 4 gym based sessions per week with a daily step count of 10-15,000 steps.
She absolutely loves weight training now and very rarely does cardio.
Since coaching with me she has now lost over 2.5 stone, toned up, got leaner and has gone from a size 16 to 6 in just 11 months.
As a result, she can now wear the clothes she wants. She feels more confident in herself and her life has completely changed. She now feels empowered!
She looks & feels amazing and her doing a photoshoot was the final piece of the dieting jigsaw for her.
With hard work & commitment, the results come!
She absolutely nailed it!
We are now reversing Toni out the diet to maintain her weight & build more muscle tissue so she can perform even better in the gym.
We’re also focusing on a new set of goals & challenges in 2022 which she has chosen to do.
Toni’s words “I feel incredible & really proud of myself with what I have achieved.
Sam is great! she's very supportive and listens to what you want to achieve and works with you to get you those results.”