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90kg down and a new level of confidence… What the Portugal shoot did for Caine!

By October 14, 2019No Comments

It’s been a very long time since I wrote out a blog post…

To be honest, I just kept not doing them by making myself busy doing other things...

90Kg is a LOT OF WEIGHT to lose.

It’s not even the fact of the weight Caine lost that is the impressive bit for me, it’s the fact she dedicated 4 years of her life to making her healthier and also get to a figure that she is a lot happier with now… Especially after her Portugal photoshoot experience.


I’m going to be totally honest here, I told Caine “I didn’t think the trip was right for her” however, I WAS WRONG.

Caine has a very strong personality, to be totally honest, she even intimidated me a bit when I met her, but as of her own opinion of herself, she is like “Marmite” you’ll ever love her or hate her.

For Caine, she explained to me, it was a chance for her to find herself and do something to push herself out of her comfort zone, something I later came to realise was a very emotional journey for her to overcome.

Being in a place where you have an amount of weight that you no longer want, for anyone else who has gone through that or will go through this, there seems to a light switch moment where “Enough is Enough” and you no longer want to look or feel that way.

Caine had committed and taken on a journey bigger than I realised to remove 90KG of her body. She had to overcome many fears, worries and comfort zones to get herself into the incredible shape she is in today. And the crazy thing is, she’s still going, she’s got bigger and larger goals to achieve and that is AMAZING.

Caine’s achievements are not only INCREDIBLE but it was a HUGE LESSON to me.

I put my own thoughts in front of what this trip could potentially do for someone’s confidence and progression.

The girls that came on the trip were incredible, we laughed lots, we got so many amazing images and we laughed even more.

The whole reason I set up these trips was to allow people to have an opportunity to shoot somewhere incredible, to experience a professional shoot with other like-minded people and to give females an opportunity to be the best version of them in a safe environment.

Clearly, by Caine’s emotions in this video, she has overcome some huge hurdles to get to where she is…


I hope this video inspires more people to achieve their goals and achieve incredible achievements for themselves.


Caine’s received so many amazing messages from her journey so if this video touches home and makes you want to go and achieve a goal for yourself please drop her a message and let her know, keep her inspired to achieve even more.


For any more info on a shoot with me, please email me