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I want you to stress less on the day of our shoot!

#Makeitrain shoot

Make it rain shoots are 100% a unique style of photo shoot. It’s not often unless you’re going to the beach, that you get dressed and do makeup to go get wet.

It seems very common that now the shoot is becoming more popular, more people are booking and are unsure what to wear on the day.


You fortunately/unfortunately for yourselves have a lot of choices on the market, you can go with a more covered and creative look or with a minimal approach and show off your amazing figures.



What do I believe works best?

You need to really think here about what you want to show the world about your character/ personality.

Many people choose to do a photoshoot to step out of their comfort zone, to experience something very personal to share with the world (or not if you so choose).

For the people who are stepping out of their comfort zone or challenging themselves, I give these 3 tips.

  1. Wear something that makes you feel confident.
  2. A style that the person who started this journey wouldn’t have been seen dead in.
  3. Don’t wear something that overexposes you to a level you can’t feel comfortable with.

If you’re a very confident person already, then really for you, showing off more of your body isn’t going to be an issue, more likely to be how do you stop yourself from revealing too much of yourself.


Shall I wear fitness clothing?

For guys, yeah I think either basketball or gym shorts are ideal or either add to that a minimal vest or just go topless. Some men are straight forward and just want to show off all their hard work.


Gym clothing for Women?

For a #Makeitrain shoot, I personally don’t think gym clothing works, It covers too much of your hard work.

I also think there are so many creative options out there for you to wear that really why would you want to just wear the same gym clothes you trained in last week…

I have found from experience the clothing that works best are:

  • Bikini/ Swimwear
  • Loose fitting jumpers or tops
  • High waisted pants
  • Boots
  • Unique Underwear
  • Vests

If you’re considering doing a #Makeitrain shoot this year these tips are here to give you some ideas of what works well to narrow your focus on what works best.

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Any more question or worries, feel free to email me