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Angela Fitness Shoot

By February 10, 2015January 12th, 2017No Comments

With photography, I think one of the key elements to improving is constantly trying to challenge yourself to take new and exciting images.

If that means learning new techniques, using new equipment or just simply taking things back to basics then do it, I’m finding that I tend to learn a lot from trying a shot, working out how to improve it, then how to simplify it.

I will often go mad pulling out loads of flash guns and trying angles when actually the simplest set-up can often be the most effective. Most of these images were shot with one flash in a big softbox and a reflector!!!

Now to Angela, she is a very inspiring women, mother of 3, often found training with her own mother at K2 and a by the looks of her Instagram page a very good cook !

I won’t say Angela’s age 😉 but you would never think she is the age she says she is, she’s in incredible condition and just an all round lovely women.

A special mention has to go out to Stuart Perkins and Bradley Lever for getting us in to shoot at The Triangle Leisure Centre in Burgess Hill and also to Angela as well, she has a lot of patience and also braved the freezing cold British weather that day !!!

I hope you like the images we produced, and as always please leave any feedback in the comments below or on my facebook page.