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Hayley Fashion Shoot

By June 20, 2015January 12th, 2017No Comments

Its all work, work and more work…  (secretly I love it)

Been a little while since I posted anything to my site, a mixture of weddings, filming, photo shoots and my day job, so I decided that I would go all out with this latest post 🙂

Although never speaking to her at school, I remember Hayley being a few years below me at secondary school. I saw a post go up on my timeline with a photo of her and instantly thought I should contact her, we got talking and she said to me that she would love to shoot some photo’s with me.

Due to the nature of my day job, it’s tough to fit everything in so it has taken us quiet some time to arrange this shoot your about to watch but it was really worth the wait, although never really doing anything like this, she was really keen to take a step out of her comfort zone and try something new.

Due to the fact that I’ve been pushing myself every time I shot to learn something new, I decided to learn a new techniques this time, after achieving one initial shot I wanted using a 3 light method towards my Composite portfolio, I went to only using one light source to make me really focus on where the light was coming from and traveling to!

Once again thanks to my Hayley for her patience, to Matt from Limitless Productions for filming this BTS video, to my girlfriend jade for helping with literally everything and to Steve from Square ONE Studios for letting me take over his studio.

Enjoy the video, hope you like the final images 🙂

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