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Why I bought the Godox AD600’s over using my old speedlites

By November 1, 2017No Comments

Haven’t posted anything to Youtube in a while so I thought I should make a video about my latest purchase.

Over the years I have used various lighting set-ups, I started off with using old Canon Speedlite system…

They were cheap, easy to use, small, fairly robust and I could fit 4 in my bag.

Problem was, I was often finding that I didn’t have enough power to light large subjects or work all day without having to regularly change my batteries.

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Recycle times were often an issue too, so investing in larger flashes was something that I found myself falling into.

I went down the route of buying 2 Lencarta Safari Flash guns which for the last few years have really allowed me to take my work to the next level.

4 years down the line, I decided it was time to re-invest in my equipment and benefit from some new technology.

When I heard the Godox ad600BM was due imminently, I got my research done and decided they were to be my new toys.

Why Godox over Profoto or Bowens or Elinchrom.


I’m not going to go into great depths into the flash’s capability, but instead, here is a list a few key reasons why I did buy them:-

  1. Short Flash durations – Having shorter flash durations allows me to freeze motion better (more to sports photography)
  2. 500 full power flashes off just one charge.
  3. Flash modifiers – I already owned a lot of flash modifiers for the Godox fitment.
  4. Triggering system – allows me to shoot past the sync speed of my camera a shoot up to 1/8000 of a second.
  5. Price – £450 is not a small sum of money but to be able to buy two for under 1k was a no-brainer for me.
  6. Modelling light – Incredibly useful when out in a dark environment and wanting to focus on a model.


Things I found out after using them a few times.

  • They’re very easy to use
  • great value for money,
  • pack away nicely and take us far less space than my safari’s
  • allowed me to concentrate on working with my model instead of thinking what they’re doing.


Check out the video below and let me know what you think!!






Want to know more about the product, check out the link below.


Godox AD600BM