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Time + Persistance + Desire = Results

By July 9, 2016January 12th, 2017No Comments
“Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally”
David Frost.
We all take on little risks, we seek opportunities to impress, we all aspire to be that bit better than we previously believed we were. The above statement for me really does come true, every time I meet and take a photo of a new client.
I believe the only way to truly feel success, is to take on a task or a challenge that will send a tingle through your body and make you feel like you’re risking it all. You take the opportunities that you have made, you do your absolute best and believe/pray that your work will be good enough for your clients investment.
When I started shooting photos again, I quickly realised how good of a feeling it gave me to make people smile whilst working with them. What ever job I have done, I have always put in 110%, I have always had a desire to improve, make better and stronger relations with people and learn how to be more professional, this base principle of mine has massively assisted me in being a better photographer.
Turning up to The Performance Project, I learned just how seriously they take their work, I instantly felt that everyone on board invests a lot into making the company the best local source of fitness and health advice, but incredibly it was the amount of pride they show that really impressed me and made me feel I needed to bring my best.
Sam Meade got in touch with me to shoot progress photos for two of his clients who had both achieved amazing results with him. He wanted to document his work with them and also give them a prize at the end of their journeys. Both Natalie and Rhys were brilliant to work with, they have both achieved massive progress from where they had started and it showed in their photo’s.
If you’re in or around Haywards Heath in Sussex and looking to get in better shape or improve your health, go check them out
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