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Flash Photography Workshop V1

By February 26, 2017No Comments

Wow, what an amazing flash photography workshop.

Not going to lie but I am shattered. Spent days planning and going through the workshop making sure I had everything covered and from the responses I have received so far it has been a huge success.

My hole aim from the workshop, is to take someone who has never used flash before and get them able to take images they didn’t know were possible and taking the exact same image as me with in a few hours of picking up their camera.

Many of the people on the course had never really used flash or if they had, they had not got amazing results from it. Some of them had never used a flash ever!


After a brief period of me explaining how to use a camera, a flash and then explaining what flash modifiers are, we headed out to a local park and I started showing the participants how they could achieve amazing results with just a few simple tools.

After a brief time at the park we headed over to the industrial estate where I showed them some more techniques using off camera flash. I think it is safe to say that they all learnt a fair few new techniques and have all placed orders for new bits of equipment to take their photography to the next level.

From the images I have seen so far, the people who took part in the shoot have achieved great results. Many wanting to take part in future courses to improve their knowledge and experience working within a real photoshoot situation.


A massive thanks to Alex from Lencarta for coming down from Bradford to help out on the day and give people more detail on the products. Also a huge thanks to Ross for his assistance and sharing his knowledge with the participants. Finally I have to thank Lauren for braving the cold and being an amazing model and also to Tom and Aslan for jumping in for some of the shots.


If you’re keen on learning more about flash photography then check the link below to book your place on the April workshop.