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My 3 top tips for finding your wedding photographer.

By February 3, 2017No Comments

Wedding photography…. you’ll spend hours flicking through peoples work, then book a photographer and then on the day find out just what the photographer is like and what they are like behind the scenes when your special day comes around. This video is just my guide to what you should look out for before booking your photographer.


I know, I don’t really post about the weddings I do, I only shoot a few a years and thats mainly for some friends and family.

The whole point of this video is just to give my opinion on what really helps you (bride or groom or brides or grooms) on who is the best photographer for your wedding day.

Of course, the photographers photographs are probably going to be the initial attraction to a bride or groom, but there are some real key elements from my point that a couple should consider before investing in a wedding photographer.

There are plenty of people that step into the wedding photography business for the chance of a good pay check and a day out. I will not hide the fact that I have heard numerous people say about awful photographers that charged a fortune and didn’t provide a good service and was rude to people on the day.

These points are designed to guide you in what is a tough time planning a wedding to make sure you get the results you’re after once everything is said and done.


Please feel free to get in contact and let me know if this advice was useful. My email is