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Football Shoot

By September 3, 2015January 12th, 2017No Comments

Hello all, I hope life is treating you all well…

Having to work a full time job and get more from your hobby is hard graft, I keep getting idea’s whilst I’m doing my daily duties and eventually I get the chance/time to organise one of my idea’s!

First off, I am going to thank the guys that helped me out on the night, big thanks to Joe, Cameron, Chris, Pete and Jamie for your time and patience, also getting soaking wet and covered in chalk 🙂

Thanks to Stuart at The Triangle leisure centre for lending me the crash mat for the evening, after a slightly eventful windswept trip down the a23, it only added to my excitement for getting the pics done !


The idea behind the shoot, is I wanted to do something unique with football, something that could can capture the eye’s of my viewers and not just be any old photo. This is all part of my work to improving my portfolio, so in good time I will post more of the pics up and also eventually have a sales pack to show off all my work 🙂

I also have a few other posts to keep you entertained with coming in the next few days so be sure to head back soon!