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Darren Harberd – Its called the golden hour for a reason…

By August 15, 2015January 12th, 2017No Comments

Good Morning All,


Been back in this beautiful country for the past 2 week’s and been very busy catching up with everything so not had a lot of time to pick up my camera 🙁

I’m constantly looking for new opportunities to improve and push my photography knowledge, so when ever me and Darren speak I know I’ve got to pull my A-game out!!

Darren’s style is unique, I love the fact that there is a side to him that most wouldn’t know, he would appear to anyone that doesn’t know him is a big tattooed gangster styled brut, the type that you wouldn’t want to pass down a dark passage late at night, BUT when you get to know him he’s actually a very humble guy and is the type that would help anyone that give’s him the time of day.

So, I planned on shooting some head shot’s with Darren to show off his new tattoo on the side of his head. I’ve always had a little soft spot for tattoo’s so its always a fun shoot for me, I got the shots I was after quite quickly, as we was talking a little brainwave hit me seeing the sun coming round the side of the building we was shooting at. Other than killing my eyes by staring straight at the sun, I think we got some killer shots showing a perfect mixture of everything Darren is about!

In the shot (top of the page) I saw the opportunity to do something a bit special. I wanted to have a silhouette of the crucifix Darren wears to show of his religious belief’s. I also saw the opportunity to show Darren’s tattoos off in a softer light, showing that even though, he has a body (nearly) full of tattoos at the end of the day it’s just an art form and a way to express your feelings. Combining all this together then adding that beautiful golden sunset coming through, for me it shows the beauty in the simply things we have in life.

I hope you like what we achieved and come back again to see the next time Darren and myself work together!