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Harry Ranson Fitness – Lencarta Strip Softboxes

By August 12, 2016January 12th, 2017No Comments

What a mental two weeks at home,  I ended up traveling over 1400 miles, taking thousands of photo’s with quiet a few new people/clients. Not exactly how my girlfriend would have had it but that’s the reason I am with her, she supports my visions and the commitment needed.


One of the video’s I have been wanting to put together was how I shot my fitness images. People may think “why are you showing how you do what you do”?, well, if I can learn it then so can anyone else, I just know you need to invest a lot of time and money which 90% ofpeople won’t do. This was more of an exercise to show the equipment I use and also how I picture the image before I shoot it to bring the equipment needed to achieve it!


I’ve been tinkering with how I shot my photos for a while trying to find my exact style and I’m now certain I can say I have well and truly found it.


I got speaking to Harry Ranson a while back, I knew what good condition he is in and also was keen to work with someone that would appreciate what I was trying to achieve whilst making this video. I’m stoked on how well the images have come out from the shoot and it’s really great to work with someone as knowledgeable as him.


Also a quick note for any of my photography friends out there, if you’re interested in buying some new equipment, Lencarta are not only offering 15% off all there products at the moment but using any of these links below you can get an extra 5% off quoting code BenMark5 when you order!
120cm Octa Soft Box
140cm x 27cm Strip Soft Box
Atom 360 Flash Kit
Safari 2 1200w Kit

Big thanks to Harry for being my model for the day and also to everyone at The Underground Gym Brighton. for allowing me to use there gym again!