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Single Flash Mountain Bike Photography – Marcel Hunt – Holdshott Trails

By August 4, 2016January 12th, 2017No Comments

Single Light Flash Photography

If you ever want to see how much progress you’ve achieved, then studying old photos and comparing them to what you’re doing now, is by far the most rewarding way of seeing where you’ve improved!

Back in the day, I would wish for more equipment, better locations, more opportunities and just to be better at doing what I love!

After deciding what I wanted to achieve with my work I realised, I didn’t need more, I just needed to find a way of making what I had look even better than I could imagine.

2 years ago, I purchased some Safari 2 Flash guns from Lencarta. The portability of these flashes and the power they output was what took the money out of my bank account and gave me some amazing new flashes into my arsenal of photography equipment.

After using them for some time, I wanted to get something smaller and even more portable just for convenience mainly, but also to see if I could shoot amazing images with similar equipment to what I had when I first started.

A lot of the bike places I end up shooting at are often a long walk away from the car so taking minimal equipment allows me to have more time with my client, more time to shoot pictures and also saved me sweating from multiple car journeys at the start of the shoot.

I got talking to Alex and Garry from Lencarta and after a few emails and Instagram conversations, they suggested that I should order the Atom 180.

I also ordered some of the incredible new Strip Softboxes which I have a new video on coming out soon : )

Having a whopping 360w of portable power as you can see below allows me to capture fast moving action, freeze it and is also gonna save my back 1000% as it weighs just under 1KG !!!

I cannot recommend these Atom flash’s highly enough.

The power they provide, how portable they’re and the cost as well makes them a must have photography tool. They are ideal for any sports, portraits, weddings and also event photographer, to then link that with the range of attachments you can put with them, I just cannot knock them…

There is also a lower powered version for people with a slightly tighter budget that is just as good to work with!

!!!! If you’re interested in the Lencarta range then Click Here and use the code BenMark5 to get 5% off your order today !!!!

The image below was shot at 1/2000th @ f2.8 ISO 400

Special thanks to Marcel and the Holdshott trails crew for letting me down to their spot to shoot at, check out my youtube video below for some more live footage 🙂


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