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I may have a new lens…

By October 21, 2015January 12th, 2017No Comments

So I have a new toy or 4… 🙂

Ever since attending Brett Harkness’s “Wedding Flash Photography” course last year, seeing the results he achieved with his 50mm lens, I have been secretly wanting to upgrade mine ever since!

At all the weddings I have shot this year, I have used my 50mm f1.4 more and more and it’s been brilliant, for the price I cannot complain at all, but for me knowing that there is something even better out there, I couldn’t resist!

It was only fair, seeing that my girlfriend Jade was looking amazing before our meal last week in Portugal, that I try my new lens out on her..

The lens quality speaks for itself, with some beautiful soft lighting and some improved editing techniques I produced this of Jade and thankfully she really likes it too 🙂

Here is the before and after just to show you what detail is in the image once you dig deep into the image and bring it to life 🙂

Should have some more photography to show you over the next two weeks including fitness and portrait work so make sure you come back soon!