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Persistance – Lara Dopson Portraits

By October 31, 2015January 12th, 2017No Comments

Thursday the 29th of October, was a day where I taught myself a valuable lesson in believing that all the hardwork and planning will pay off, regardless of what mother-nature can throw at you..


I got speaking to Lara after seeing some amazing photo’s she had done in London with another photographer (not sure of his name but he’s very good), it wasn’t the fact that Lara looked amazing in them but more the fact she seemed to be a natural in whatever type of image she was in which caught my attention..

Any one can appreciate it must be very odd having men message you asking to take photo’s of them over Facebook / Instagram, but due to the nature of my work/traveling Europe, sometimes it’s the only way I have of contacting new models and thankfully Lara was more than happy to arrange to do some photos!!

The weather really wasn’t playing ball, the plan was to head to Brighton and wonder the streets and see what caught our eye. We organised a make-up artist for the shoot, I was praying for that glimmer of winter sun to pop through just to give us a glimmer natural warmth to the images but the sun never appeared 🙁

It was raining fairly hard with that irritating fine rain, it was windy, it was dull, its was everything we didn’t want BUT.. we soldiered on I just knew something good was coming on the horizon, I just knew it!

I said all the was through to both Annie (make-up artist) and to Lara just keep being positive and it will happen and I’m so happy we kept our hopes up, the first alley that we stumbled upon was perfect and it set the ball rolling for the next few hours of shooting, the persistence really payed


Lara is a smiling/full of life character and also an real natural at modelling, seeing as this was only her second photoshoot, I was really impressed with her ability to give me lots of different shots in the same composition.


I’m only going to post one or two images from the shoot as this is all part of a big branding launch that’s planned for next year but please feel free to let me know what you think

A big thanks to Annie Marie for the doing the make-up!

Also a huge thanks to Lara for braving the weather and embracing what the people of Brighton had to throw at us #awkward 🙂

If you’re after some portrait images then please get in touch.