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Marcos Gym Shoot – Ben Mark Photography

By November 20, 2015January 12th, 2017No Comments

Hello Team,

Lots of things are happening at the moment, other than my holiday to New York next week, there has been a lot of progress with my photography and re-branding myself, so bare with me on new posts or check my facebook page.


I will be slowing things down on my website for a while so I can rebuild it and make it an even better experience for my customers/followers!

A few weeks back now, I met Marcos at a gym in Bolney, West Sussex called Fitz Gym, it’s a cool little gym with tons of good equipment.


I have to thank Marcos for getting back in touch with me about shooting these pics, he’s a top guy, a real ambassador for committing to a goal, dedicating your time and working hard and making it pay off and due to my very busy scheduele, I’m stoked that we just managed to get a few hours shooting time in..

Marcos ended up taking 3rd place in the Juniors class at the WNBF World Championships in Atlantic City, USA representing UK!

A massive well done to Marcos for all your achievements this year and enjoy the off season 🙂