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Olly Barrott Composite

By March 23, 2015January 12th, 2017No Comments

As a photographer, when I am walking around or just going about my business, I often see people that instantly get me thinking how good it would be to photograph them.

Well, that was the case when I first met Olly, whilst I was training with my buddy Brad, She was training (heavily chatting) Ruth, Brad’s soon to be wife! As soon as I saw her, I thought she would be amazing to photograph.

Olly is someone who clearly has a huge passion for what she does and in getting her clients to achieve results, but also as you can tell from the image, she looks after herself pretty well!!!

This combined with my new venture into composite photography gave me the opportunity to come up with a image to show off that commitment Olly has to her job….

Personally I want to thank Olly for her time and also her patience in getting the right look, for withstanding the freezing cold spray I covered her in and also for trusting in me being we hadn’t even spoken in person till the day of the shoot.

I hope you like final image and keep your eyes peeled for more work between Olly and myself.