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Ryan Watson Composite

By March 26, 2015No Comments

I have known Ryan for quiet a few years now, he is they guy that initially got me into the gym and hooked me up with my PT. Ryan helps me a lot with running my website, so we speak fairly often.

This year, he finally decided that he was going to for it and compete on stage, it’ s good to see him committing and putting in the hard graft to achieve his goal, he’s one of those head down wont talk to anyone type guys in the gym so when he’s in there you know he means business!

Ryan’s got a few more weeks until he is on stage, he aims to drop a little bit more body fat in that time which is tough, so please do go give him your support and encouragement as he has a hard few weeks ahead of him!!!

Good luck bro and enjoy the cardio 🙂

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