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Product Review – Lencarta Ring Flash

By January 11, 2017No Comments


Most of you that follow my work will know I don’t really shoot a lot of portraits, I occasionally shoot a wedding for a friend but thats about it. Using a ring flash was never high up on my list of modifiers to use.

Lencarta sent me a collapsable ring flash over to have a go with and see what I thought. After using it I realised I will actually get one to use for lighting the eyes and adding some uplighting to my sports and fitness photography. Taught me a lesson of do not judge a book by its cover.

For a quick review, the product is light, portable, cheap, unique and is versatile….



I love the light it gives off, I like how portable it is, my only issue is its size. I like to interact with the model when working in this type of environment and it does cover a lot of the area in which I would interact with the model.

However, after using it I would 100% use it again as I was very surprised with what it allowed me to achieve within a short amount of time..

Making sure the model feels like they look better than they could have imagined is what you want to achieve when shooting this style of photography and I believe Lauren was not only suprised but happy she braved the cold to get the shots. I initially never thought I would ever want a ring flash but now will always keep one in my bag for sure.


If you like the video and would like to order one the click this link Lencarta Ringflash and use code BenMark5 to get 5% off your order

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