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Re-touching work

By July 23, 2015January 12th, 2017No Comments

It feels so good to be able to update my website with a lot of new images again, especially with the new techniques I’m learning!

I’m going to start off with thanking Hayley allowing me to post this up as I’ve spent a long time working on this image to try and learn more about re-touching images to bring the best out of my work.

With any studio/fashion shoot, you’re going to have a model, I don’t think there is a model out there that has absolutely perfect skin and if there is please send them my way 🙂

Looking through the pics from the photo shoot with Hayley I did a while back, I wanted to try some high end retouching, taking out as many skin blemishes as possible whilst still leaving her looking natural and not like a barbie which is easily done.

Hayley has amazing eyes and a lovely smile, so keeping as much detail in those area’s was must, softening the skin is something I would do with any model unless its for a grimy sports look, but one of the key area’s I had to learn about was contouring the face. It may surprise some of you but I’ve never worn make up nor have I ever taken notes when a girl is applying make up to why she is doing what she is doing.

So I spent a long time using the dodge and burn technique to really accentuate the cheek bones and a depth to her face in the shadowed area’s. The last technique I then applied to liquify her face, I personally believe it’s ok to tweak the jaw line and other body parts just to give a better overall look to the photo.

Please don’t think for one moment that I believe Hayley needed this liquifying effect applying, it was more a case of wanting practice the technique to make it look as realistic as possible…

Now, I would love to hear anyone’s constructive criticism on the editing of the photo so I can improve on my technique’s, please feel free to comment below or in a facebook message, so that I can learn more about this big world of re-touching 🙂

Here is the photo straight out the camera with no editing applied

Here is the Image after applying all the above techniques

Comparison Image: